MHRD Design-centred innovation is a force multiplier that can help the country move up the value chain, making Indian industry globally competitive. In this context, Ministry of Human Resource Development proposes to launch a National Initiative for Design Innovation in the Twelfth Plan. Under this initiative, 20 new Design Innovation Centres (DIC), one Open Design School (ODS) and a National Design Innovation Network (NDIN), linking together all these schools, would be set up. ODS would ensure maximum reach of design education and practice in the country through various collaborative education programmes (linking a broad spectrum of educational institutions), and free sharing of its courseware through the Internet. NDIN would be a network of design schools that work closely with other leading institutions of industry and academia, NGOs and government to further the reach and access of design education, to pro-mote design innovation in all sectors, and to develop wide-ranging collaborative projects between institutions. ODS and NDIN would also raise the standards of design education and innovation in the country through various initiatives including the creation of fabrication labs and digital media zones across educational institutions on a large scale. Design Innovation Centre (DIC) is a project of the Gujarat Technological University (GTU) funded by Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India in May 2018. The Gujarat Technological University, Design Innovation Centre is to provide a platform to students, faculty members and researcher having enthusiastic for learning and creativity, and passion to convert their ideas into design innovations.