The basic purpose of setting up Design Innovation Centres is to:

  • Promote a culture of innovation and creative problem solving;
  • Promote knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst industry, academia, Government Institutions, research laboratories, etc;
  • To serve as a location for the industrial collaborators to encourage their new Product Development in the campus using in-house facilities.
  • To serve as a place that imparts design-based education and practice systematic design through projects.
  • To enhance interdisciplinary design-focused innovation and creativity.
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary design-focused education, research and entrepreneurial activities in order to create commercial opportunities and build partnerships between academics and industry.
  • To promote, nurture and advance the culture of design and innovation in the country leading to significant contributions and breakthroughs impacting quality of human life.
  • To create an ecosystem facilitating students and faculty to take their innovative ideas from classrooms/labs to market/people.
  • To facilitate evolution of new models of academia-industry interactions as well as academia-social interactions and develop institutional networks for innovations in the thematic areas.
  • To promote innovations which are both inclusive and disruptive.
  • To build a flagship Program in the areas of design and innovation which can be replicated in other institutes/universities in our country.
  • To promote all forms of innovations in the complete value chain from process to product, including innovation as a discipline itself.
  • To promote increased interactions/collaborations with institutes/organizations World-wide working in the areas of design and innovation.